At GANF we are committed to promoting education opportunities for all staff members.

As part of our pledge we have set up an Apprenticeship Scheme for Teaching Assistants. This exciting new venture provides Apprentices with personalised in house training from specialist teaching staff. It is an opportunity for Apprentices to experience “real work” in a structured and supportive environment.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be allocated to a specific class within GANF, at either Ambergate or Sandon, based on your experiences and aspirations.
  • You will complete a highly recognised Level 2 qualification, which will provide you with a Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. This will be done in collaboration with Grantham College.
  • You will be allocated an Assessor from Grantham College who will meet with you at school, to plan your learning and assessment.
  • You will be allocated a Mentor in school who will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are progressing well and achieving.
  • You will attend and receive in-house training in many aspects of education to enable you to develop your skills and knowledge.
  • You will take part in the school performance monitoring process ensuring that your personal development and training needs are being met.

Is this the right career path for you?

Please find below quotes from candidates who have undertaken apprenticeships with GANF:

lucy T and Cassie

Cassie - GANF has given me lots of opportunities and experiences working with children with additional needs which has been beneficial to my learning and development. I enjoy working with the children and feel confident that I can continue to support their development with the support of the staff at GANF.


Olivia – This is my first experience after leaving school with 6 GCSE I knew that I wanted to work with children but was undecided in which type of environment. When I saw the advert for an Apprentice TA here at GANF I thought what an ideal opportunity to experience working in a school. I have really enjoyed this and it has opened my eyes and made me realise that this is the career path that I wish to peruse.

steph web

Steph – The Apprenticeship Framework really does work for me. I am fortunate enough to be working in Early Years and this does bring its challenges. I feel supported and part of a well-structured professional team who guide and support on a daily basis. I am doing a  L3 qualification so look forward to the next 18 months knowing that I am on a learning journey that has a positive outcome.

hol web

Holly – This is my second year on The Apprenticeship Framework here at GANF. I completed my L2 qualification and have now started L3. I have had lots of opportunities to develop and extend my skills set. I have found the staff team to be friendly, helpful and supportive. , this type of team approach suits me well and I endeavour to help new Apprentices in the way I was supported.

Rebecca Coates and Luke Frost Pine Sensory

Becca - I am enjoying my apprenticeship at GANF. The staff are really friendly and supportive and I have gained alot of knowledge and experience from working with the children.

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