Although the transport of pupils to and from school can be difficult, there are some simple things we can all do to make it easier and even fun.  At Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship we understand how important it is for transport to run smoothly. After all it is the beginning and end of every school day and often a bad start can mean a bad day and we do not want that. By using the following guide you can help to make things go well.... 
  1. If you have a problem then your first point of call is the school. It is easy to get hot under the collar but taking a step back and phoning somebody at school will usually result in any problems being sorted quickly and calmly.
  2. It helps if we are all positive. It’s difficult enough for our pupils to deal with change so the more we support them as adults the easier it will be for them.
  3. It may help for pupils to have something to do on their journey. Books, music or games are a good idea and will be stored safely at school so don’t worry.
  4. Food & drink may not be consumed on transport.
  5. Under no circumstances must any passenger distract the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion.

For further information contact Ambergate on 01476 564957 or Sandon on 01476 564994 or email