Parent Presentations

oak presentationsHow many times have you asked your child what they have been upto at school and received the response, "nothing" ???

At GANF, we wanted to come up with a solution to this problem and so began a new scheme to give pupils from each class the opportunity to show their parents and carers exactly what they are learning during their school day.

We have been piloting this scheme and it is proving to be a great success!

Not only have we seen an increase in pupils confidence, due to the presentations but also, the feedback from parents has been excellent. Some parents have remarked on how interesting they have found it, learning all about what their child learns in school. Some parents have been overwhelmed, seeing their child perform to an audience.

The Parent Presentation Scheme is being rolled out across the GANF Fellowship and we aim to run Class Presentations every half term. So look out for your child’s presentation coming soon!

Silverstone Presentation - May 2019

Oval Presentation - April 2019

Wembley Presentation - March 2019

Headingley Presentation - March 2019

Trent Bridge Presentation - March 2019

Twickenham Presentation - March 2019

Sandon School Class Presentations - November 2018

Silverstone Presentation - March 2018

Oval Presentation - March 2018

Headingley Presentation - March 2018

Twickenham Presentation - March 2018

Trent Bridge Presentation - March 2018

Sandon Lower School Presentation - October 2017

Ascot Class Presentation - March 2017

Headingley Class Presentation - March 2017

Silverstone Class Presentation - February 2017

Ascot Class Presentation - June 2015

Sandon Class Presentation - March 2015