Admissions Policy
Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship

Headteacher of Ambergate: James Ellis                    Headteacher of Sandon School: Stela Plamenova

Children and young people are admitted to Lincolnshire Special Schools when an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) is maintained, which names the special school. Before an EHCP is issued, the child or young person will have been formally assessed. After the multi-professional assessment, parents will receive a draft EHCP describing the child's / young person's special educational needs and the various elements of special educational provision required. Accompanying the draft will be a pack of written information including:

  1. Assessment reports
  2. Lists of mainstream schools in the area
  3. List of special schools
  4. Information on 'Expressing a preference'
  5. Information on the LEA's Transport policies for children and young people with special transport needs
  6. Information on the 'Parent Partnership Project'

Parents will consider the information and are asked to express a preference for a school. In most cases, the LEA will comply with the parent's preference and that school will be named on the statement. When considering a parents preference, the LEA will need to be sure that the school named by the parents can meet the pupil's special educational needs, and that the placement is consistent with the provision of suitable education to other children and young people already at the school. The LEA also needs to be sure that the placement is compatible with the efficient use of available resources.

Before reaching its final decision on admission to a special school, the LEA will consult with the Executive Headteacher of the special school to ensure that all needs can be met. The Executive Headteacher shall base his decision to recommend a placement on whether he feels the school can successfully meet the individual’s needs without jeopardizing the needs of others already on roll. He shall base this decision on three factors initially:

1. Paperwork provided by the Local Authority including the EHC plan or Statement

2. Initial assessment of suitability from a Parent and Pupil visit made to the school

3. Liaising with the current educational setting to exchange information and possible visit to current educational setting

The Executive Headteacher will make available for the scrutiny of the Chair of Governors all information relating to any proposed admission. After the decision to admit a child or young person to GANF has been made, a taster session will be offered to the pupil and GANF will remain in close contact with parents and the Local Authority in order to assist in a smooth transition into school.


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