Out with the old…

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shedAlong with the ongoing improvements at Ambergate to enhance facilities on the site, the unsightly green container (that has been storing all our PE equipment) has now been removed.

This left the school with storage issues and FOSA kindly stepped in to help!

After lots of research to find the right solution the team found exactly what the school had been looking for.

Katie Bennington, Chair of FOSA:

“It was important for us to help with a storage solution for the school as we have recently donated sports equipment and if this is stored incorrectly it can easily be damaged, and we don’t want that to happen as the pupils at Ambergate really enjoy their sports!”

A brand new, custom-built shed was erected over the school holidays in time for the new school term, and is much nicer to look at than the awful old container.

Mr Ellis, Headteacher, said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the new store for the PE equipment and we are very grateful to FOSA for all their hard work to provide things like this for the school."