International Days at GANF 2019

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On Wednesday 19th June, we welcomed members of our staff community to share their expertise of other countries and their cultures. Samantha Kerby, GANF Governor, worked with a lower school class and upper school class to explore different African instruments, habitats and how they linked together to reflect their country.

On the following day, Andrea Sande, Sandon TA2, was welcomed to teach Oval class some Spanish Dancing during their PE lesson with Mr Maltby. They were taught some footwork techniques and at the end, they practised the Macarena routine!

On Friday 21st June, GANF pupils engaged in International Day. We celebrated how different countries represent their cultures and traditions through different forms. Examples included the use of art, democracy through voting, dance and sensory activities.

international day ambergateEach tutor group was provided with a country to study. The pupils remained with their tutor group for the day and rotated through staff members within their age phase, gaining an understanding of multiple countries. Examples: engaging in Greek dancing in Greece; crosshatching and Kayopo tribal art in Brazil, voting for their new Prime Minister in England and exploring the diary entries of Anne Frank in Germany.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and feedback was extremely positive from children and staff members. We hope to continue to work with different companies to enhance our international learning, in line with our International Policy and continued work with the UNICEF project. For further information about the International Schools Award, please visit the GANF website about what we are achieving and other international news from the schools.

Sandon School

Sandon celebrated International day on Wednesday 19th June.

Each class chose their own country to learn about in the morning;

international day sandonApple – China

Pear – Japan

Cherry – Italy

Willow – USA

Oak – Poland

Beech – Australia

Pine – Switzerland

Ash – Mexico

Hospitality – India

Horticulture – France

In the afternoon, upper school visited the other countries (classrooms) with their passports.

Teachers from lower school swapped rooms to bring their country to another class. GANF Governor Samantha came in to teach the pupils a Swahili song which she had learnt when she taught pupils in Africa.

All the pupils really enjoyed learning about other countries and cultures and had so much fun taking part in the fun activities.

To view a video of the day please follow the link

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