Christmas Around the World Day at GANF 2018

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christmas around the world 2018On Wednesday 19th December, GANF engaged in a Christmas around the World Day, where pupils across the fellowship experienced ways of celebrating Christmas in different countries.

At Ambergate, all pupils worked in a carousel format, so they were able to work with different teachers and in 'different countries.' Lower School were able to experience France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland & China, whereas in Upper School, they experienced Ukraine, England, Mexico, Australia, Sweden and Italy. We had various activities including food tasting, building lanterns, making piñatas and designing their own Christmas present. Even our senior leaders got involved and transformed their office to become Iceland! Children were able to visit all classrooms and the office with their 'passport' to investigate different lives and experiences.

At Sandon School, we celebrated Christmas Around the World Day with an International Christmas market for lower school. Each class made a market stand of their chosen country and classes had the opportunity to visit the market and learn about the different ways of celebrating Christmas around the world. All the market stands were sensory with different activities to try including building the Great Wall of China, feeling the snow of Lapland and trying Christmas snacks from New Zealand.

Upper school took part in a carousel activity where they used their ‘passports’ to visit other countries and celebrate Christmas in their unique ways. Our children were very surprised to find out that Father Christmas had different names across the world and even looked different!

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