It's all in the planning!

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IMG 1950As part of the pupil’s Level 1 certificate qualification - 'Planning and Participating in an Event', the two Travel and Tourism classes at Ambergate, Miss Morton’s and Miss Clark’s, had to plan an event and they chose to plan a Christmas disco for both school sites.

Miss Clark’s class planned a disco for Beech, Oak, Apple, Pine, Horticulture, Hospitality, and Ash classes at Sandon. They hosted this in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th December, whilst Miss Morton’s class planned a disco for Wembley, Oval and Silverstone classes at Ambergate, which took place in the afternoon of Friday 7th December.

The Travel and Tourism pupil’s worked with the Safeguarding and Pastoral Team to use their connections and previous disco organising experience, to ensure that they considered all aspects of organising the events. Both Travel and Tourism classes had a catering team, who researched and established the best selection of refreshments to provide, an admin team, who wrote a letter to parents and carers informing them of the disco, a marketing team, who created posters advertising the disco, and a creative team, who designed and made party decorations and games for the disco! Throughout the planning process pupils from both classes created PowerPoint presentations and pitched their ideas and gained advice from the Safeguarding and Pastoral Team to ensure their discos were a success!

Both events were a great achievement for the Travel and Tourism pupils as every pupil that was invited to the disco attended and participated, having lots of fun in the process! There was great music, lots of dancing, pin the nose on the snowman game, and loads of smiling faces!

We would like to say a big thank you to the Lincoln Drill Hall and their team for providing the disco and making lots of our pupils very happy this Christmas!

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