Sandon School Awarded Green Flag!

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IMG 1248Sandon School have now achieved the Green Flag Eco Award. In November 2017 we achieved the Bronze Eco Award, and achieved Silver Eco Award in March 2018.

We have had such a busy year working towards our Green Flag Award and in order to achieve this we participated in the Big Battery Hunt – a recycling challenge led by Duracell – which we continue to collect old batteries for; GANF remain paperless meaning that letters not requiring reply slips are sent to parents and carers via Parent Mail; Eco Club is held every Wednesday lunchtime where the pupils participate in planning for Eco events and activities, and also hold the Committee meetings at least once a half-term; we have begun building our bottle greenhouse; we held a Bird and Bug Hunt to find out about biodiversity in our school; and we took part in Switch Off Fortnight 2017.

Eco themes are embedded into our curriculum, with our pupils learning about recycling and waste management as part of their Life and Living Skills, using questionnaire feedback to create graphs in Maths and following instructions to make bird feeders in English. It is these efforts amongst many others that helped us to achieve the Green Flag Award.

Eco Club are so proud of their achievements, and here is what some of them had to say. Robert said, “Before half term we showed the Eco visitors around school and what we do in Eco Club and we won the Green Flag!”

Chris added, “We showed them our posters about turning off lights and computers”.

Jacob told us, “We learnt about recycling in PSHE and picked litter up when we went for a walk”.

Shelby and Thomas said that they work on Eco themes in their other subjects, adding ‘We did graphs about recycling to show questionnaire answers.”

Our journey doesn’t end there! We will continue to hold Eco Committee meetings regularly and with our topics of waste, biodiversity and school grounds. We will begin to look at two more topics and we are looking forward to holding more whole school events and making more positive changes towards being Eco friendly. The other topics we can choose from are energy, litter, transport, water, healthy living and global citizenship. Our Eco Code plays a huge part in our journey and will be displayed around school for all staff, students and visitors to see. We will have to reapply to maintain our Green Flag Status in two years’ time.

To continue our good work and energy saving we will be taking part in Switch Off Fortnight again this year, with the aim of reducing our energy usage. More information about this will be provided nearer the time.

The Eco Committee is open to anyone at Sandon who wants to be part of working towards a sustainable school, and on Wednesday lunchtimes Eco Club takes place led by Joanna Morgan. By being involved in the Eco Committee and Eco Club students will be developing their teamwork skills, listening, respect, co-operation and democracy skills amongst many others.