Lincolnshire Show 2018

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IMG 9917Lincolnshire Show 2018

Sandon School’s visit…

Horticulture Class and some of the Sandon Leavers visited the Lincolnshire Show.

The students have been preparing for this for the last 6 months so they were very excited to show off their hard work.

On Tuesday 19th June, the current Horticulture Class went to set up their stand and prepare their vegetable plot to present their vegetables and herbs they have been growing. The students worked really well together as a team and had a great time.

Wednesday 20th June was the big day! The class were being judged on their presentation and vegetable plot. Tommy did a great job telling the judges all about what the class had done and what they had found out about Victory Gardens in World War One (also a special thanks to Rhys from Headingley for holding up the presentation sheets for them!).

The judges were impressed at how the students had turned the allotment around along with the variety of vegetables the students had grown.

On Thursday 21st June two other students visited the show. They looked around at all of the different animals on show. They saw cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and budgies! Jo wanted to bring a cow, sheep and pig back to Sandon but the girls wouldn’t let her! They watched a farrier competition where the farriers had to make horseshoes and fit them on to the horses against the clock. They also watched the events in the main stand; there was show jumping and also a display about different types of vehicles. The students all had a great time!

IMG 8860Ambergate Sports College visit…

Headingley class were chosen to represent Ambergate in the school’s challenge at the Lincolnshire show. They chose to do the challenge ‘farming through the ages’. This meant the students needed to research how farming has changed over the years since World War 1. For this they completed research on laptops to see what had changed in farming, they also visited the Museum of Lincolnshire Life to look at the old agricultural machinery to see what used to be used. The students were also lucky enough to take a trip to Sharman’s Tractor shop in Grantham where the owners kindly showed them around the new machinery used, which the children really enjoyed and they got to sit on a new tractor too! They had our Mentor, Alan Stennett, come in to school to talk to them about his experience of farming and how he has seen things change over the years.

After the hard work researching, the students presented their research to the rest of the school in an assembly. They were then ready for the show! They created a stand with puzzles and matching games for other schools to see how the machinery had changed over the years, and they were able to tell everyone who came up to the stand what they had found out.

On the second day of the show it was time to present to the judges. The students presented all the research they had found, which the judges really enjoyed. The judges spent a lot of time talking to the children and asking them questions about the research they had done. The students then had time to have a look around the show and see the different animals being shown in the competitions. They were able to see more farm machinery on the tractor stands and they also had the great pleasure of seeing the red arrows show their RAF 100 display! Some of the pupils had a go at being on the radio at the Lincs FM stand where they read out the weather and have got a recording of their reports! Afterwards we went back to our stand to await the result of the presentations. The student’s category was being announced first and we waited as they went through the schools who had been highly commended. The students did so well and came in second out of the 6 schools in their category. They were so pleased that all their efforts had paid off.

The students had a great 2 days at the show and were able to see so many different things. They would like to thank Alan Stennett for coming in to talk to them about Farming, the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, and Sharmans of Grantham, for letting us visit and for showing us around to see all the wonderful farm equipment they have.

To hear the pupil, Freddie Chantry Parke, read the weather on Lincs FM click here

To hear the pupil, Rhys Davis, read the weather on Lincs FM click here

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