GANF International Day 2018

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On Friday 22nd June, GANF pupils engaged in International Day. We celebrated the arts and how different countries represent their cultures and traditions through different forms including dance, art, design and music.

Each tutor group was provided with a country to study. In Lower School and Silverstone, the pupils remained with their form tutor for the day, gaining an understanding of one country. Examples: exploring aboriginal art in Twickenham, performing the Haka in Oval, and analysing the World Cup in Silverstone. In Upper School, the children rotated three times across different tutors to engage in cultural learning across the globe. Examples: Rangoli designs in Wimbledon, exploring Banksy and other artists in Lansdowne, and designing a Formula 1 race track in Ascot. Pupils also had the opportunity to engage in workshops throughout the day.

We welcomed Red Panda Drumming Company to work with our Upper School and EYFS pupils in an African drumming workshop and we also hosted Lincs Inspire Ltd in the afternoon, where Lower School pupils engaged in sensory integration and an international dance workshop.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and feedback was extremely positive from parents/carers, children and staff members. We hope to continue to work with different companies to enhance our international learning, in line with our latest International Policy. For further information about the International Schools Award, please visit the GANF website about what we are achieving and other international news from the schools.


Sandon School held their second International day of the year last Friday, where they looked at the different countries of Africa. Each class chose a country from the continent and choices included Egypt, Uganda and Morocco. Student’s wore their countries’ flag colours to raise money for WaterAid, a charity working in over 18 counties in Africa to bring clean water to those in need.

Each class focused on their country during lesson time and learnt about the geography, history and art there. Activities included decorating real bamboo in Apple Class with pictures of the animals found there, African silhouette art in Cherry Class, and a history lesson on pyramids in Horticulture.

To help students experience the sounds and the culture of Africa, two workshop companies visited school: one specialising in African dance and one in African drumming. Every class was given the opportunity to experience both activities and it was incredible to see the classes working together during the workshops, having fun and interacting with each other. We were delighted by the enthusiasm and expertise both workshops demonstrated.

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