Ambergate Head Girl & Head Boy 2018

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Jon CroninThea CarrollOn the 21st June Ambergate pupils took part in a ballot to elect a new Head Girl and Head Boy.

There were 11 nominations in total and each candidate prepared a speech about themselves and what they would bring to the role. The speeches were presented during whole school assembly and each candidate delivered with confidence and clarity. The response from the audience was fantastic with both staff and pupils laughing at the jokes and applauded with gusto! Following the speeches, the ballot boxes were put into place and all pupils took part in the vote from 11am until 1pm.

Following the vote Mrs Jordan and Chloe Webb, current Head Girl, emptied the ballot boxes and went to a secure location to count the votes. The results were then given to Mr Ellis and Mr Caress.

The following day the winning candidates Jon Cronin and Thea Carroll were informed of the result and a formal announcement was made during the Leavers assembly on Friday 29th June. The current Head Girl and Head Boy Lucas Wilson then presented the newly elected pupils with their badges.

This was a valuable lesson for all pupils and the comments from staff and pupils were excellent.

“Best assembly ever,” said Mr Caress.

“I am so proud of all our pupils,” said Mr Ellis.

Pupils comments included:

“They were so brave to do a speech in front of the whole school.”

“It was exciting to be able to vote for the person I think will do a super job representing us.”

“Some of the speeches were so funny!”

The final word goes to Mrs Jordan who stated, “All the pupils worked so hard on their individual speeches demonstrating a clear understanding of how to prepare a persuasive speech. The activity involved the whole school so an inclusive approach was taken. The voting slips had photographs of all candidates to ensure all pupils made informed choices. This was an excellent example of listening to the pupil’s voice as this is the key element which under-pins all we do at Ambergate. I would like to personally thank all the pupils for an excellent and very rewarding day.”