The GANF Bake Off Returns

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IMG 4974The Great GANF Bake Off took place at Sandon was last week! This time was the turn of Assistant Headteacher, Sara Ellis and Student, Michael Cherry.  It was a great success!

Both participants baked delicious chocolate sponges, Michael having Shannon as his sous chef and Sara having Georgia as her sous chef.  Both sous chefs did a fantastic job helping the chefs get ingredients, equipment and washing up afterwards! 

The bake Off was judged by Governor Pauline Brownlow, her sister Liz and Head Boy Joshua.  The Bake Off morning was amazing, both teams working hard to bake the best Chocolate cake. The audience encouraged and cheered on their favourite team with enthusiasm! 

The morning was amazing with a lovely competitive atmosphere and was enjoyed by everyone involved. The winning chocolate sponge was Michael’s! 

Some quotes from the people involved in the event:

Georgia, “I enjoyed bake off with Sara Ellis because we were able to make a delicious Chocolate Cake.  It looked really nice”.

Shannon, “I enjoyed the Bake Off because I helped Michael and I felt happy about it because he won”.

Michael, “I felt really good…I felt like I won a million pounds when I won the Bake Off.  I made my chocolate cake extra chocolatey that’s why I won”.

Joshua, “I enjoyed being a judge because I got to taste two chocolate cakes.  I thought Michael’s cake had better texture that’s why I chose him to win”.

Pauline Brownlow, “I was thrilled to be invited to judge the 'Bake-Off' final. I really enjoyed it and my sister thought it was great. Michael did extremely well, as did Georgia and Shannon. Joshua carried out his role as a judge very diligently and, as always, he was smartly dressed, polite and easy to talk to”.

Sara Ellis, “It was such a fantastic morning which I myself thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to see Michael’s confidence and self-esteem grow as the bake-off progressed. Well Done to Michael!”.

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