Silverstone Class Presentation

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Silverstone Class PresentationOn Wednesday 2nd of May, Silverstone class had their class presentation. They wanted to do something a bit different so they asked the parents to sit in their child’s chair to experience the day through their eyes. The class then had a shortened day in an hour. This was led by the children, taking each part of our day and teaching the children. Each child had a part to play in the day, heres how the day went –

11.00               Introduction by Mr Page

11.05               Morning Routine – Snakes and Ladders by Leon, Nathan and Braydon

11.10               Dictionary Time – with Matthew and O’Shea

11.20               Literacy with a reading by Fred, Maddy, Laura and John

11.30               Numeracy – Countdown by Liam and Kieran

11.40               Guessing the bio with Reggie, Charlie and Frank

11.50               Questions and work display with all children.

Afterwards we then talked through the children’s books and their work throughout the year. Well done to Silverstone Class!