Silver for Sandon

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Silver Award logoSandon School have now achieved the Silver Eco Award.

In November they achieved the Bronze Eco Award, and since then they have been working towards achieving the silver.

Whilst working towards the Silver Award Sandon have participated in the Big Battery Hunt – a recycling challenge led by Duracell – which they continue to collect old batteries for; GANF have become paperless meaning that letters not requiring reply slips are sent via Parent Mail; Eco Club has begun and runs every Monday lunchtime at Sandon – the students participate in planning for Eco events and activities, and also hold the Committee meetings at least once a half-term; a recycling questionnaire for Sandon classes to find out how successful the recycling has been so far; collecting 2L bottles for our bottle greenhouse – so far we have 177; and a successful Eco Day where students participated in Eco friendly activities and an animal workshop from Zoolab.

Eco themes are also being embedded into their curriculum, with students learning about recycling and waste management as part of their Life and Living Skills, using questionnaire feedback to create graphs in Maths and following instructions to make bird feeders in English.

The journey towards Green Flag status now continues for them. They will continue to hold Eco Committee meetings regularly and with their work they have been doing so far based on the topic of waste. Sandon School will begin to look at two more topics and they are looking forward to holding more whole school events and making more positive changes towards being an Eco friendly site.

The other topics available to choose from are biodiversity, energy, litter, transport, water, school grounds, healthy living and global citizenship. Sandons Eco Code will play a huge part in the journey and will be displayed around school for all staff, students and visitors to see. Their aim to have applied for Green Flag status by the end of October 2018.

The Eco Committee is open to anyone at Sandon who wants to be part of working towards a sustainable school, and on Monday lunchtimes Eco Club takes place led by Joanna Morgan. By being involved in the Eco Committee and Eco Club students will be developing their teamwork skills, listening, respect, co-operation and democracy skills amongst many others.

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