Move Aside Jamie Oliver!

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fair tradePupils at Sandon School have created their own recipe book to mark Fairtrade Fortnight 2018.

Each class submitted a Fairtrade recipe to be included in the book, which was then sold to the local community.

International coordinator for Sandon School and class teacher Catherine Henderson-Slater said: “We decided to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. For this, each class took part in a Fairtrade activity. We had to make a second batch of recipe books as it was so popular. The profit will go towards buying Fairtrade ingredients at our coffee shop.”

Fairtrade Fortnight ran from February 26th to March 11th this year, putting a spotlight on trade to improve the lives of the farmers and workers who grow our food, and through Fairtrade have come together to demand a change and close the door on exploitation. As well as the recipe book, pupils also raised £25 by holding a Fairtrade coffee shop on wheels, where special needs students visited a care home to sell cakes and recipe books.

Students at Ambergate Sports College also hosted a coffee morning, led by the lower school, where students served Fairtrade cake to staff and other pupils.

KBZO fairtrade bookletCatherine said: “The recipe book was given to our partnership school in Germany, KBZO. They also run a coffee shop and are going to try out the recipes.”

The recipe book was just one activity that the pupils took part in to celebrate the fortnight including tackling Fairtrade wordsearches, sensory activities with fairtrade items, logo spotting in supermarkets, cooking using Fairtrade products and learning about the process of purchasing Fairtrade items abroad. Pupils also got the chance to show off their creative skills in a poster competition to win some Fairtrade chocolate.

Catherine added: “We were delighted to see how engaged the students were with the concept of Fairtrade. Many of them had not come across Fairtrade food before, but have now gone home and encouraged parents to buy their products.”

Jack Odell, Grantham’s Fairtrade Town Steering group’s chairman, will be visiting the school next week to run a Fairtrade assembly - dressed as a banana - and answer students questions.