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How Sport Premium funding is implemented at GANF

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Ambergate Sports College


Sandon School




Sport Premium facilitates a wide range of sporting activities at both Ambergate and Sandon. The following table shows what we offer and how this positively impacts on our pupils experiences.




Outdoor Education via the employment of a specialised Outdoor Instructor.

We have an Outdoor Education timetable which allows all pupils across GANF, regardless of ability, to take part in activities including;

  • Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Bouldering
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Raft Building
  • Team Building
  • Bridge Building
  • Slacklining

We also have our very own Forest School offsite at where pupils can take part in woodland activities.

100% of GANF pupils outside of the 14-16 curriculum access Outdoor Education within the academic year. Those pupils in the 14-16 section have the ability to choose Outdoor Education as an option.

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze and Silver Award

Our Outdoor Instructor leads the DofE programme every Friday for pupils aged 14-16 at Ambergate. We tailor the programme to suit the needs of our pupils, including timetabling it during school hours to ensure inclusion for pupils who rely on transport to and from school.

The bronze and silver award provides pupils the opportunity to develop and implement independence skills alongside having to work effectively together as a team. The achievement of the award has set pupils up well for post 16 provision and provides a platform to progress to the gold award through a different provider if they wished to do so.

Physical Education (PE) as part of every pupils timetable.

We employ a full-time qualified PE Teacher with a dedicated timetable to the subject.

PE timetabling is carefully planned to ensure pupils are taught by a staff member with skills relevant to the subject. At Ambergate we have 4 members of staff with sports-based degrees and a further 3 members of staff with qualifications in leading swimming, football and fitness.

At Sandon we employ a sports coach who is a GANF member of staff, not an external provider. This ensures a consistency for the pupils. Additionally a member of staff is also a swimming instructor and attends swimming lessons each week with Sandon pupils.

100% of GANF pupils access PE each week. The range in activities ensures that PE caters for all needs and requirements.

The number of staff members who hold sports based qualifications ensures that pupils have access to well-structured, purposeful lessons which maximise physical development and well-being.

Swimming lessons to promote the attainment of a valuable life-skill.

We access the local swimming pool which allows pupils from across GANF the ability to learn to swim. This also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.

Swimming lessons take place every week throughout the academic year. Three classes attend lessons each week, one from Ambergate and two from Sandon.

Swimming supports pupils in many different ways including;

Overcoming a fear of the water.

Learning how to swim independently.

Developing an invaluable life-skill.

Horse riding lessons to promote extra-curricular activities.

We have links to a horse riding school which caters for pupils from across GANF. This provides a unique, nurturing and extra-curricular element to our timetabling.

Horse riding is delivered through the RDA. Their horses provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to pupils with SEN. RDA have been delivering their activities for almost 50 years and take pride in the exceptional standard of coaches and volunteers.

Horse riding lessons take place every week throughout the academic year. Two classes attend each week, one from Ambergate and one from Sandon.

Gifted and Talented PE sessions

Pupils who are gifted and talented in PE have dedicated time each week with our qualified PE Teacher to further develop their skills

2 pupils accessed this initiative last year. 1 pupil have successfully transitioned to a post 16 sports-based course. 1 pupil has been selected to represent his country in tennis.

Indoor gym

We are currently refurbishing our indoor gym to create a larger space

The larger gym space will enable a whole class group to access the facility at one time. This will aid in physical development and promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being. It also improves the schools indoor sports provision.

Sport tracking and assessment software.

We are using a new tracking and assessment system to baseline, target-set and monitor the progress of all pupils in PE. Purchase of this system provides innovative and revolutionary access to tracking and assessment for PE.

This system enhances home-school communication and provides access to real-time, open and reliable information regarding the pupils PE progress. Furthermore, this system highlights behaviour and social strengths which boosts pupils self-confidence.

For any further information about GANF Sport Premium, please contact Mr Ashley Caress.

T. 01476 564957

M. 07725595377