Upper School

14-16 Curriculum

The 14-16 Curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of all pupils.

The curriculum is person centred in that all pupils have a bespoke timetable and are offered considerable choice during the planning stage. All pupils going into 14-16 attend an options evening based on the core subjects and 6 option blocks based around non-core subjects. Option evening provides pupils, parents and carers with a detailed explanation of individual subjects and qualifications, and allows time for discussions with lead teachers.  Where beneficial for the needs of individual pupils, there is an option to select the Sandon Pathways option, this supports with transitioning and development.

The 14-16 curriculum works alongside our work experience programme, which is designed to support and prepare our pupils for post 16. 

List of current options available to pupils across the fellowship

BTECs – Entry Level & Level 1 





Travel & Tourism

Health & Social Care

Personal Social Development

WJEC Entry Level Pathway


Entry Level Certificate DT

DofE Bronze & Silver




Example 14 – 16 Timetable: (Please click)

14 16 timetable example

GCSE Provision

Across the fellowship pupils have the opportunity to access GCSE qualifications if it is deemed appropriate. We offer pupils the opportunity to work towards 7 GCSEs

  • English
  • Maths
  • Statistics
  • Double Science
  • History
  • Geography

Along with this we also deliver ICT functional skills and pupils have two option blocks.

Example GCSE Timetable: (Please click)

GCSE timetable example

Term 4:

Please click the links below to view the Upper Key Stage 3 Curriculum and Knowledge Maps:

upper ks3 curriculum     upper ks3 knowledge

Please click the links below to view the 14 - 16 Curriculum and Knowledge Maps:

14 16 curriculum     14 16 knowledge

Please click the links below to view the GCSE Curriculum and Skills Maps.

GCSE curriculum     GCSE knowledge


Please click the image below to view the Enrichment Curriculum and Skills Map for Term 4:



Please click the image below to view the PE Curriculum and Sklls Map for Term 4:


Relationship Education/Relationship & Sex Education - Sandon

Relationship Education Sandon

Relationship Education/Relationship & Sex Education - Ambergate

Relationship Education Ambergate

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