Forest School

C.I.T Academies has its own Forest School.Forest School Shelter

The Forest School Project has been developed over a 2 year period with behind the scenes work including sourcing a woodland and funding being raised. We always aimed for the Forest School to be fully inclusive and we are proud to say that we are on the way to achieving this.  

C.I.T believe everyone is an individual and that pupils need activities to support their learning. We have a responsibility to ensure we stimulate them enough to enhance their learning process. We believed we could support this further with a Forest School Programme. We aim to enthuse and educate our pupils and achieve this through outdoor learning.Forest marshmallows

There are wheelchair accessible pathways throughout the woodland following a sensory circuit. There are sensory stations around this circuit with quiet areas and some with bamboo musical instruments. There are two fire pit areas and a spectacular outdoor classroom made from natural materials which is positioned right in the centre of the woodland, taking advantage of all the wildlife around. There is a small orchard and vast amounts of wild flowers. There are also bat boxes, bird boxes and a dove coop, inviting wildlife into the woodland.

All areas of the GANF curriculum benefit from pupils being able to access this wonderful natural environment. Joe Bogumsky, Outdoor Education Co-ordinator at GANF was awarded the Forest School Level 3 Practitioner Award this year and means that full Forest School Teaching takes place at our Forest School. 

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